We understand the now —

and help you grow toward what’s next



At Resolution, we believe that ALL MEDIA IS PERFORMANCE MEDIA. We take a brand forward approach to performance – considering context and setting expectations. We understand the tension between balancing a brand’s need for recognition with accountability in action. We understand the now—and help you grow toward what’s next.

We take the mantra of “Masters of Craft, Resolute in Practice”, as a full service media agency for high-growth, future-focused clients. We take the best Performance-based experts and capabilities, underpin them with Omnicom’s clout and resources, and amplify them with Omni, our holistic marketing operating system, to present full-funnel, 360-degree media and marketing solutions for tomorrow’s business leaders.

Our capabilities include:

Business Strategy
Commerce & Shopper Marketing
Consumer Insights & Analytics
Marketing Consultation
Marketing Science
Media Buying & Activation
Negotiation & Investment
Search (SEM & SEO)
Social & Influencer Marketing
Performance TV



We grow business by making all media behave like performance media with precision, effectiveness, and efficiency. We optimize based on audience priorities, performance to goal, seasonal fluctuations, and more.



An integrated data strategy and centralized audience approach produces sharper insights, smarter targeting, and minimized waste. In the new media marketplace, successful brands are embracing audience addressability far beyond Digital.



We’re not interested in innovation for innovation’s sake. Our approach is business driven; addressing gaps in the marketplace via bespoke solutions to satisfy strategic needs while delivering incremental efficiencies.

History of



OMG Direct Launches

Omnicom launches OMG Direct, a specialist DRTV agency who pioneered unique solutions to leverage DR inventory to achieve brand goals with deeply discounted rates.

Resolution Media Launches

Resolution Media, one of the first pioneering specialist search marketing agencies capitalizing on the growth of Google, launches in Chicago.

Resolution Acquired by OMG

After two very successful years driving innovation in the digital marketing space, Resolution was acquired by Omnicom Media Group to lead search and digital capabilities for the network.

Pathway Adds Planning capability

As performance marketing demands increased, OMG Direct adds consumer insight driven planning expertise paving the way for a full-service performance driven media solution.

Pathway adds Digital

With demand for digital services accelerating, OMG Direct added full digital planning and activation capabilities, completing its holistic performance media offering.

Resolution adds Social

As the digital media landscape evolved, and the rise of Facebook was imminent, so did Resolution’s capabilities; expanding its offering adding paid social capabilities across all platforms.

Pathway adds Analytics

Enhancing cross-channel measurement, taming the proliferation of media and response data offering robust attribution solutions; Pathway invested in the creation of an embedded analytics group

Resolution Incorporates Programmatic

With the incorporation of Accuen, Resolution added extensive dedicated Programmatic Digital buying capabilities and DSP expertise; continuing that legacy today.

Pathway is Born

OMG Direct is rebranded, Pathway is born.

Resolution Adds Marketing Science

With the demand for increasing data clarity and media performance prevalent, a dedicated Marketing Sciences team was created; building out a robust Analytics, Measurement and Attribution toolkit.

New Resolution Announcement

In May, Resolution became OMG’s fourth stand-alone media agency. Our new leadership team fused external and OMG talent to launch the brand, building on Pathway and Resolution’s decades of excellence.

Resolution Agency Launched

We are Masters of Craft, Resolute in Practice. We lean into a 40-year performance heritage, with the mantra ‘All media is performance media’, offering an audience-first approach to marketing solutions.



Unlocking Hidden Value in a Distracted Economy

While much of the industry spends its time and money trying to make headlines with things like flashy data provider acquisitions or tentpole events, we focus 100% on driving business results for our clients. This applies to our thought leadership program to add value for our clients and create the clearest differentiator for our agency.

With performance at our core, our platform is to drive to unlock the hidden value in a distracted economy. We are creating a new model that leverages addressable audiences to create a proprietary index to inform all buys (across all channels), driving performance with a new media currency.

We will launch this new capability with a schedule of thought leadership. If you’d like more information on the program or to find out how we can help your performance needs, get in touch!