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Tell It
Like It Is

We know it’s important to say exactly what we mean, always.

We believe in simplicity and clarity of thought.

People First

A positive, caring and united culture is the best foundation for driving performance.

We push to discover connections — between ideas and between people.

Smart Risks

We create our work with one eye to a microscope — one eye to a telescope.

We’re solutions obsessed and future focused. We make connections that drive action.

Before You Act

Results matter. We believe in smart thinking and intelligent action.

We don’t just say — we do. And, we have a legacy that proves it.

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Chief Financial Officer

Jonavan Smith

With over 15 years of financial management experience, Jonavan is a seasoned decision maker and an expert in ensuring Resolution maximizes opportunities and sustains business growth. As Chief Financial Officer, Jonavan wears many hats as he oversees and directs the financial strategy and integrated operations for the entire organization. Jonavan manages annual billings for top global brands and orchestrates unique financial models, which has helped yield 6X the growth since coming on board to the agency in 2010.

Leveraging his expertise in data analysis and strategic business planning, Jonavan collaborates with leaders from Omnicom Media Group to define and execute all finance-related initiatives and plan for future growth, including budgeting, corporate reporting, forecasting and strategic planning. Prior to joining Resolution, Jonavan led portfolio accounting at Waterton Residential. He also spent five years at Ernst & Young, where he planned and executed financial operations audit for public and private companies in the manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and real estate industries.


Chief Financial Officer


Kate O'Brien

Kate brings more than 15 years of digital marketing and digital strategy experience to Resolution. With a knack for daring ideas and a vision for new solutions, she leads sales and marketing teams to new heights by inspiring those around her to find creative ways to better serve clients. Her extensive skillset includes strategic planning, project management, advertising and social media marketing. Prior to Resolution, Kate worked at Hearts & Science and Annalect where she worked to bring intelligent solutions to power client business.

Based in New York, Kate enjoys lending her expertise to pro bono consulting work and volunteering at Brooklyn Women’s Exchange, a nonprofit shop selling handmade and craft goods. She also serves as a board member for Strong Rope Brewery, that offers handcrafted local and organic ales. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University, where she studied Communications.



Managing Director, Integrated Planning

Dale Travis

Named a Media All-Star by Adweek and a recipient of the DTC Perspectives Vanguard award for innovation and expertise in media, Dale is our Managing Director of Integrated Planning. In this role, he is charged with leading the planning practice by bridging Marketing Science, Investment and Strategy into actionable and accountable plans.

Dale has worked on a wide range of accounts spanning several categories such as energy, retail, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, travel, consumer packaged goods, media/entertainment, and finance. The most prevalent theme in Dale’s experience, however, is designing responsive communications plans that drive consumer response in direct and tangible ways, be it at the cash register (virtual or physical) or through superior brand health metrics. He also has extensive experience in developing robust accountability solutions through econometric modeling that have helped clients improve marketing ROI, drive business results and justify marketing spend to C-suite executives.


Managing Director
Integrated Planning

Managing Director, Investment

Eileen Wrobel-Katz

As Managing Director of Video Investment at Resolution, Eileen leads the day to day management for our portfolio of clients. Eileen has over 20 years of industry experience and is responsible for Investment strategy development and our positioning in the TV/Video marketplace. She is instrumental in the development of proprietary advanced tools and technology that provide clients with speed, accuracy, efficiency and improved quality.

Eileen’s high-level strategic thinking, knowledge of industry trends and the marketplace, and work to push the industry forward make her a well-respected leader in the media community. In leading Resolution’s video investment negotiation process, she ensures that the team is poised to navigate Programmatic, OTT, VOD and addressable platforms in today’s marketplace. Recently, her multi-platform Performance Video executions on ABC Network, Gameshow Network and BET took home awards including OMMA, 360 Trailblazer and the DTC Perspective National Ad Award. And, in 2019, Eileen was selected as a recipient of the DTC Trailblazers Award for her leadership in the field.


Managing Director

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Diversity, Equity,

and Inclusion

Resolution Agency puts its people first, and it embodies this value by committing to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment. We are on a mission to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout all facets of our culture and work. We define these as:

  • Diversity: Putting people first starts with valuing the diversity of thought and lived experiences present within our agency and beyond.
  • Equity: We believe in fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all our people. We seek to remove any barriers that might prevent equality.
  • Inclusion: We are committed to creating an inclusive culture that is founded upon open communication, active listening, and learning. In our community, we want everyone to feel a sense of belonging and that their contributions are appreciated.

We are on a journey to nurture and harmonize diverse ideas, experiences, and people to achieve an inclusive culture of committed and forward-thinking individuals. Our strategy to accomplish this is guided by the 4C’s, our DEI pillars:

  • Culture: We strive to cultivate a culture of belonging that rewards curiosity, openness, and empathy.
  • Community: We support the advancement of our communities by sharing resources, knowledge, and opportunities.
  • Consciousness: We champion the growth of our employees by exposing them to the diversity of ideas, experiences, and backgrounds present within the agency and beyond.
  • Craft: We intentionally thread the principles of DE&I throughout all facets of our business to ensure that our employees, clients, and partners are beneficiaries of its positive impact.

Resolution Agency strives to give back and do our part to educate the next generation of digital leaders. Our team of dedicated Resolutors have raised their hands to partner with nonprofit organizations and schools. We have taught digital marketing workshops, conducted mock interviews, and hosted open house panels. More needs to be done, but we will continue to give back by sharing our social capital – connections, network, referrals – as much as our technical skills.


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