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Tell It
Like It Is

We know it’s important to say exactly what we mean, always.

We believe in simplicity and clarity of thought.

People First

A positive, caring and united culture is the best foundation for driving performance.

We push to discover connections — between ideas and between people.

Smart Risks

We create our work with one eye to a microscope — one eye to a telescope.

We’re solutions obsessed and future focused. We make connections that drive action.

Before You Act

Results matter. We believe in smart thinking and intelligent action.

We don’t just say — we do. And, we have a legacy that proves it.

Diversity, Equity,

and Inclusion

Resolution Agency puts its people first, and it embodies this value by committing to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment. We are on a mission to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout all facets of our culture and work. We define these as:

  • Diversity: Putting people first starts with valuing the diversity of thought and lived experiences present within our agency and beyond.
  • Equity: We believe in fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all our people. We seek to remove any barriers that might prevent equality.
  • Inclusion: We are committed to creating an inclusive culture that is founded upon open communication, active listening, and learning. In our community, we want everyone to feel a sense of belonging and that their contributions are appreciated.

We are on a journey to nurture and harmonize diverse ideas, experiences, and people to achieve an inclusive culture of committed and forward-thinking individuals. Our strategy to accomplish this is guided by the 4C’s, our DEI pillars:

  • Culture: We strive to cultivate a culture of belonging that rewards curiosity, openness, and empathy.
  • Community: We support the advancement of our communities by sharing resources, knowledge, and opportunities.
  • Consciousness: We champion the growth of our employees by exposing them to the diversity of ideas, experiences, and backgrounds present within the agency and beyond.
  • Craft: We intentionally thread the principles of DE&I throughout all facets of our business to ensure that our employees, clients, and partners are beneficiaries of its positive impact.

Resolution Agency strives to give back and do our part to educate the next generation of digital leaders. Our team of dedicated Resolutors have raised their hands to partner with nonprofit organizations and schools. We have taught digital marketing workshops, conducted mock interviews, and hosted open house panels. More needs to be done, but we will continue to give back by sharing our social capital – connections, network, referrals – as much as our technical skills.


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